Drug Cartels Are Threat to Mexican Government

Guillermo Valdés, head of Cisen, the Mexican government’s intelligence organization, told the FT and a small group of foreign media recently: “Drug traffickers have become the principal threat because they are trying to take over the power of the state.”


Mr Valdés said the gangs, which have grown wealthy from the multi-billion-dollar drugs trade, had co-opted many members of local police forces, judiciaries and government entities in their efforts to create local structures to protect their business.


Those efforts, he said, could now also be targeting federal institutions such as Congress itself. “Congress is not exempt . . . we do not rule out the possibility that drug money is involved in the campaigns [of some legislators],” said Mr Valdés.


Can anyone explain why there is a threat of drug cartels taking control of a country that borders ours and it isn’t being reported in the main stream media?







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