The Debate Is Not Over, Mr Vice President

Former Vice President Al Gore made a speech speech in Washington last Thursday about renewable energy.  Americans For Prosperity had a special slant on their coverage.  They wrote an article and produced a film on their  web site to cover the speech:


Go to to check out their article and video concerning the speech!


In his speech, he claimed that if we don’t get completely off the use of carbon fuels in the next 10 years, it will be catastrophic for the nation and the planet.  I don’t understand why he has set 10 years as the deadline.  Even some of the scientists who have supported Gore’s Global Warming thesis have said that there has been no warming at all since 2001 and, in fact, the planet has actually cooled slightly since then.  They say that the cooling will continue for 10 years.  So, Mr. Gore, what is the 10 years to doomsday speech about.


I tend to believe that Vice President Gore is in a rush for one of  two reasons.  Either he and his friends are afraid that too many scientists will prove his inconvenient theories wrong and make him look foolish to the world or he and his friends, have invested a lot of money in companies that specialize in “green technology” and companies that stand to capitalize on the world accepting and converting all forms of energy to “green energy” based on his inconvenient theories.  The latter theory would cause him to lose the millions of dollars his stands to gain through his investments.


I think, before we the people spend all of the money that is going to be required to convert to Gore’s demands, we should hear out the scientists who are currently speaking out against his Global Warming theories.  We should also conduct public hearings, either in Congress or with a Presidential Commission to determine if Vice President Al Gore stands to gain so much money from the planned changes that there might be a conflict of interest in what he says.  


But these things won’t happen.  We won’t want a little thing like the truth to stand in the way of Al Gore making a boatload full of money.  That might be why Al is quick to say, “The debate is over.”


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