Who Should Obama Choose for Vice President?

Some of the buzz these days is about who the candidates are going to choose to be their running mates.  I have a couple of ideas for Senator Obama.

First, for those of you wanting the “dream ticket” of Obama-Clinton, get over it.  I don’t believe that either of them want it, I don’t think their staffs or supporters want it and I darn sure don’t think their spouses want it!  Senator Clinton will do much better for herself and for her future as a United States Senator.

Now, with that out of the way, there has been talk of Obama selecting someone from one of the battleground states to help him there.  If Senator Obama continues to go to those states and continues to deliver his message as he has in the primaries, he won’t necessarily need someone from there to win those states.  The people he would choose as a running mate will be campaigning for him in their states anyway.

Some have said that he should pick a woman (other than Hillary) or a Hispanic (Bill Richardson?).  I think the choice of a woman would be a bad choice under the circumstances.  The women who supported Senator Clinton and are still angry about the primary season might feel it is yet another slap at their favorite lady.  The choice of a Hispanic, while possibly useful for a few percent of the Hispanic vote, may look like he is just pandering to minorities (which he would be!).

No, the choice should be someone who can help with issues where John McCain appears to be stronger than Obama.  Sam Nunn, from Georgia, has been mentioned and would be a strong choice.  He is strong on military and national defense issues for a Democrat and actually may appeal to many Independents and/or Republicans who just can’t bring themselves to support McCain.  Another choice who would be strong in the area of military and national security issues, in my mind, would be Gary Hart.  He knows the military issues at least as well as Sam Nunn and he was an author of Hart-Rudman Report that came out just prior to 9-11.  The report stated the danger of an attack on the continental United States by terrorist groups and suggested the creation of a Homeland Security Department (and you thought that was a Bush Administration idea!!!).  Nobody is talking about Gary Hart in the veep-stakes, but I think he could be Obama’s Dick Cheney.  He is smart, he is articulate and he could hold his own in the campaign and especially during the inevitable debates.



2 thoughts on “Who Should Obama Choose for Vice President?

  1. Why include all other names and not include Colin Powell? Colin Powell would be a good running mate for Barack Obama. Powell is extremely intelligent and has a positive appeal on par with Obama. His extensive military experience and international diplomacy would be an invaluable asset.

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