In Search of a Political Party

It was about 1980 that I realized that the Democratic Party had left me on their road to the far left.  I was fortunate at the time, for the Republican Party stood for many of the values and positions that I believed in.

The Democrats have continued their journey toward socialism.  Their members of Congress don’t even bother with programs any more.  They simply go to court and try to argue their case with judges to get their programs made into law.  Now, all they seem to do in Washington is disagree with the opposition, regardless of what the issue might be or whether it is in the best interest of the nation or not.  If the other party wants it, they are against it–end of story.

Now, Senator McCain is leading the new Republican Party down the same road I saw the Democrats take when they left me.  Again, I find myself in search of a party that represents what I believe.  Now that he is the presumptive nominee of the party, Senator McCain has indicated that he is interested in bringing back his immigration reform legislation and this week he has taken the position of supporting a cap-and-trade initiative as his answer to the unproven theories of Global Warming.  While that is described as a means of making businesses get within certain guidelines or face penalties or fees.  In reality, any “penalties or fees” would be passed on to you and me.

This year, I will support the Republican candidates that haven’t climbed aboard with their Presidential candidate, but I cannot, in good faith to myself, support or vote for Senator McCain.  In my humble opinion, he should have switched parties when he was considering it a few years ago.  As for me, I guess I’ll begin my search for another party.

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