Thoughts On Education

Our education system is in dire need of a comprehensive overhaul. Since the mid-1960s to mid-1970s we have tried a number of changes to our education system. Some have worked well and should be continued. On the other hand, some things have failed miserably.

Students are graduating from high school without the ability to read a book or do basic math. While many of the new-age ideas have benefited the student’s ability to compete in the world today, it seems a shame that they cannot read the application they are trying to fill out and cannot balance a checkbook. They know virtually nothing about why and how our country was formed and how it evolved.

We need to get the best teachers teaching and let them teach.  If you let these motivated educators instruct in a manner that makes the subjects interesting, students are more apt to want to succeed.  We need to get those who cannot or do not want to be a part of the new education of American youth, to move on to other fields. Tenure is not nearly as important as the education of our young, for they are our future. 

We should begin this overhaul with the stipulation that English is the language in which students will be taught. Students are going to need the background in English to succeed in life in this country.  If they have a second language already, that is great.  I would encourage those whose first language is English to take another language while in school.  Having a second or third language would only increase the chance of success in any future career, but English is a must!

We should abandon attempts to teach multi-culturalism in schools.  This country was built on immigrants and they have molded their culture into ours.  It is an American culture and is both unique and beautiful.  We shouldn’t try to force other cultures on people.  They should make the effort to merge into American society and contribute their background to the melting pot.  At the same time, we should be teaching a course on Americanism.  This would include the Constitution and the words of our founding fathers.  It should include all that America has done for the world.

 Currently, students are being taught all that is wrong with America or they aren’t being taught anything about it at all.  I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be honest about some of the low points in our history, but we shouldn’t give the impression that this country is bad.  The United States has a great history that we all can be proud of.  I believe that this nation has not yet reached the peak of its greatness.

We should take steps to encourage students in all areas of math and science.  This is needed if we are to remain the great nation that we are.



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