Pennsylvania Primary Spurns Questions

Tuesday was primary day in Pennsylvania and I congratulate Senator Clinton on her victory there.  By winning Pennsylvania, the primary season moves to North Carolina and Indiana (I presume neither candidate will take time to travel to Guam, whose primary is before the other two). 

I have a few questions about the candidates that I’ll never get answers for:

1.  Why do we continuously hear that Senator Clinton has won all of the “big, battleground states” except Senator Obama’s home state of Illinois and that this proves that he cannot win in the fall?  Unless I missed something, the candidates were all running in Democratic primaries against Democratic opponents getting primarily Democratic voters to select the winner of those contests.  You would have to presume that a certain percentage (probably a high percentage!) will vote for the eventual nominee in the fall regardless of who they voted for in their primary.  Therefore the claims are pretty much meaningless.

2.  If there is a need for a national health care program (I believe that each and every one of the Democratic candidates favored one), why can I not find any legislation having been introduced to get it rolling regardless of who wins.  Is there only a need for everyone to be insured if one of these people are elected to the Presidency? 

3.  Can anybody tell me why someone who has given enough thought into whether they want to put up with all the slime and hard work of a Presidential campaign, they couldn’t have taken an extra week or two before announcing their candidacy and select who they would choose as a running mate?  It would make a huge difference to the voters in the primaries.  It would give another person to put on the campaign trail.  It would be good for the country and would save many elected officials from the embarassment of looking like they are sucking up just to be considered for the Vice-Presidency.  It would save us from having to hear the political analysts try to predict who the selection might be during the convention.  Those are just a sampling of the plusses.  You can’t tell me that they haven’t considered it until the convention.

As I said, I won’t get my answers, but at least they are out in the public now.  Thanks for letting me vent. 

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