A Reason to Begin

Sometime in the next 30 years, if it hasn’t already happened, we will hit the peak of oil production.  This means that we can no longer increase the amount of oil being produced and, in fact, will start on the long road of diminishing production.  Demand for oil is ever increasing across the globe. The result is going to be much higher prices and less availability.  You can expect brown-outs to be a regular thing and people without heat during the winter months.  The oil producing countries will be, and to a certain extent currently are, in control of our economy.  We have known the time was coming for a long time now and the folks in Washington have refused to allow drilling in the continental United States, in Anwar, off the coast of Florida and elsewhere.  They block the building of new refineries.  They will not allow nuclear power facilities to be constructed.  They don’t want to burn coal.  They talk about making us less dependent on foreign oil, but do little to make it happen.

Social Security and Medicare will both be depleted of funds sometime in the next 10-15 years.  This means that many who have worked for years and contributed to the funds will not be able to collect their share upon retirement.  This happened because of two things happening.  The baby boomer generation is about to begin retiring is one.  The second reason is that Congress, in their infinite wisdom, began “borrowing” from the trust funds years ago and spent all of the money that would have been available on other things.  This money was replaced with government treasury notes.  These are essentially IOU’s.  The IOU’s are about to come due and the taxpayer will be the ones who have to come up with the money…again.  The total amount of debt our nation has in just these two areas today is approximately $53 trillion dollars.  To pay that debt off, if we started today, would almost double the Social Security and Medicare taxes that are currently being taken out of each of our paychecks!  If we don’t start paying it off now, it will be even more costly!  Congress has known about this problem for years and have chosen to do nothing.  To his credit (and I don’t give him much credit for things), President Bush actually suggested a possible solution.  It was of course mocked and ridiculed because it came from him.  There were no alternate suggestions made by the other party and the subject died.

Our borders are being overrun by foreign nationals at an alarming rate.  This is a problem that has existed for years.  Congress has known about the problem and not only didn’t want to do anything to correct the problem, they attempted to force legislation through which would have kept the tide coming and granted amnesty to those who chose to break our laws by coming across illegally.  The folks in Washington, realizing that it would not be popular, tried to get the bill passed without debate.  The people found out and rose up and demanded the bill be killed.  Fortunately, the bill was killed, but portions of it have come up again on several occasions since then.  The people demanded that a wall be built on the southern U.S. border before any further discussion be made on the issue of illegal immigration.  The bill to build the wall was passed grudgingly and the construction has been funded.  Somehow, the wall has not been built. 

The major political parties don’t seem to care what is good for the country anymore.  The idea seems to be do or say whatever is necessary to trash the opposing party and to stay in power.  In ever increasing numbers, during this election cycle I have seen where people are getting disgusted with their own party.  There has been a cry coming out of large numbers of people, from both major parties and from independents, for a new political party.

It is time to begin an open dialogue on these and other issues.  I believe that if people will take a look at an idea or a suggestion there is a possibility that it could, with a little help, become a solution.  The first step is to make the idea known.  The second step is to take a look at it and give a constructive assist to move it forward, improve on it or suggest an alternative.  This step is where we, as Americans are failing today.  This is the step where we see who has made the suggestion or come up with the idea and begin trashing the idea and possibly the person making the suggestion.  People who act like that, in my opinion are the problem. 

So take a look at what I have to say.  Make some suggestions or comments.  Begin a dialogue.  If we can do that, we can make some headway towards improving things in this country.  If we can do that, we too, can be patriots.

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